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February 8, 2005, 14:57:41
Hello, when I installed 1394 converter's driver on a new machine (using IC Imaging 1.4v disk), I was told that there was no IC device detected so that the installation would not proceed. But I was 100% sure that the converter works on several other machines. The new machine has the same configuration with other machines. I can't explain how the problem happened.
Then I had to let window to do installation for me. I gave it the path of driver. It worked. But when I run the sample demo no image show up. Then I run my application which works fine on other machines, an exception throw out and said 'startlive failed', error happened at 'c:\IC1.5\core\TISUDSHL\Grabber.cpp'.
I call for your help....

Stefan Geissler
February 8, 2005, 15:37:55
First of all, check, whether the DFG/1394-1 is listed in the device manager with the correct driver and without problems.

Normally the drvInstaller.exe should be able to install the DFG/1394-1 driver correctly.

What is the manufacture of this computer?