View Full Version : XP SP1, 2 IEEE Cards, Driver won't load

Mike Skoviak
February 4, 2005, 21:27:41
Hi there,

I'm using a single Firewire camera (DFK 31F03) on a Windows XP SP1 system (P4, 3.0 GHz). The only real item of note regarding the computer is that it contains 2 Firewire cards.

The problems is this. Assume that:

1.) Both firewire cards are installed properly
2.) I plugged the camera into firewire card #2
3.) I installed drivers for the camera (TISDCam_31470.sys)
4.) Everything looks great. Image, devices, etc.
5.) Restart computer.

Now, once the computer restarts:

1.) Windows XP begins boot.
2.) Boot process gets to point where background is black, and Windows XP logo is first displayed. I believe this is where it begins searching for devices.
3.) It sits at this screen indefinitely.
4.) At my leisure, I can unplug the camera, and as soon as I plug it in again -BOOM - the boot process moves to final load and login screen.
5.) If I check my devices and such, everything still looks A-OK.

A couple of notes regarding this:

1.) The behavior happens about 9 times out of 10 after a computer restart. Once in a while, the whole thing will work normally, with no need to uplug and then plug the camera back in.
2.) There is a Windows XP bug (Article ID 830987) that describes possible errors when booting 2 IEEE 1394 devices, but I disabled and removed Firewire card #1, and the behavior remained the same.
3.) The supposed fix for the bug mentioned in #2 above is included with Windows XP SP2, but I am loathe to install it.
4.) I've installed and reinstalled stuff (cards, drivers, etc) a few times (just in case) and the problem is always the same.

So what I'm wondering is:
1.) Ever seen this before?
2.) Do you believe it to be a problem with 2 IEEE devices in one computer?
3.) Any suggestions at all? I've been trying everything I can think of with no resolution. HELP!!!



Stefan Geissler
February 7, 2005, 08:28:30

We are not able to reproduce this problem with our XP Systems and the DFK 31F03. This makes it hard to find the reason for this problem. We guess, Windows sends something undefined to the camera in the boot sequence. This causes the camera to hang. Windows waits for an answer and has a very long time out.
I would try to fix the usual suspects, like Firewire, audio board and graphics board drivers. May be, there is a newer driver for the main board chipset.