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January 27, 2005, 21:18:06
We have been evaluating IC Imaging Control Professional for use in product design and we have some questions.

The camera that we have for our application allows us to read out a specific region on the CMOS array from the camera thus allowing us to increase our frame rate.

Does your software support a "Window of Interest" as opposed to "Region of Interest"?

"Window of Interest (WOI) allows the user to set the sensor rows at which image collection takes place. It is the active sensing region of the image array."

"Region of Interest (ROI) allows the user to view only a part of the image. ROI is a software feature. Regardless of the ROI setting, the sensor captures and transfers a full WOI of data."

Stefan Geissler
January 31, 2005, 15:21:06

This depends on the camera type and the WDM driver. Per default IC Imaging Control can not handle windows of interrest.
With a TELI CBS4000 camera, you can use video formats of different sizes. This creates a window type on the CMOS sensor that can be moved on the sensor. This is supported by IC Imaging Control 2.1 and IC Capture