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January 11, 2005, 01:52:41

I read from another post that a new model DMK21BF04 will support longer exposure time than 1/30 sec. I wish to know a little more.

(1) What will be the longest exposure time? 1/2 sec? 1 sec? or what?

(2) Does it allow slower frame rates when using longer exposure time?

(3) Is the DMK21BF04 more sensitive than the DMK21F04?

(4) What is the approximate time you will release the new camera?


Johannes Vogel
January 11, 2005, 11:05:49

Some techical details are still not known/decided yet. As soon as all technical data is defined, we will put the manual on our web site. If you enter your email adress at: http://www.1394imaging.com/products/cameras/dmk21bf04/

you will get a notification as soon as the camera is released.

January 11, 2005, 16:32:30
Will the equivalent board camera be released at the same time too?

Johannes Vogel
January 12, 2005, 09:38:41

The board camera with a CS-Mount thread will be available at the same time. It is not sure whether or not this is true for the mini lens version.