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December 23, 2004, 15:58:17

This depends on the settings type. If you set the exposure in physical units, you have following exposure times
1/2048 seconds
1/1024 seconds
1/512 seconds
1/256 seconds
1/128 seconds
1/64 seconds
1/32 seconds

If you set the exposure times as register values, there are 511 steps between 1/3300 and 1/30 seconds.

Hi Stefan. I am a little bit confused. The spec sheet says the longest exposure time is 1/3.3 seconds. But here you show the longest time as 1/30. Which one is correct?

Also, how do I set the register value? Do I set it with your SDK? Or is it available through the provided user interface?

Thanks again!

Stefan Geissler
December 27, 2004, 14:02:32

The 1/2^n phasical values are specified by Microsoft's DirectShow. Therefore they can not represent all possible values.
With our SDC IC Imaging Control you are able to set physical and register values as needed. The register values represent all possible exposure times of the camera.