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November 10, 2004, 03:17:14

I am able to preview video from a Logitech Camera, using the Smart Control.
If I unplug my Logitech camera, a dialog box pops up telling me that it cannot find my Video source and prompts me to select a different source.

Why is this dialog box coming up ? What should I do before distributing my application so that this does not happen ? I do programmatically set my video source to the first device so technically it should pick up the MV Demo Source, but it does not, it pops up that dialog box !
Please help, I am getting ready to purchase your controls, but I cannot have that dialog box pop up every time a user opens up my application,

Thank you for your help!

Marc Cymontkowski
November 11, 2004, 08:35:29

When creating the MVP file, please make sure not leave the logitech driver in the configuration. Remove it and insert the MV Demo Source. Give the MV Demo Source filter a name which you use to control the video source with the Smart Control, e.g. "VideoSource".

MV Demo Source -> Video Renderer
(rename to "VideoSource)

In your source code, make sure to use the name "VideoSource" when working with the Smart Control and the Video Source Control.

This should solve your issues.

Best Regards,

Marc Cymontkowski