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November 9, 2004, 19:28:09
I'm trying to write a small app with a server sending live content from a webcam and a client recording this live content in a file.
I tried first to display the video on the client side using graphedit.
It looked this way :
server : video source -> network renderer
client : network source -> video renderer (an intermediate filter was added automatically - AVI decompressor)
That was amazing ; just in a few minutes I was able to display live video remotely.
But when I tried to replace the video renderer with a file writter (DS standard filter or montivision one) I got the following message : "no intermediate filter found ..." (it's a french translation so it may not be accurate)
What's wrong ?
I would like to use the default DS filter inside my filtergraph because I'm using it successfully on the server side (as part as with the video renderer and the network renderer).
What should I do to save the video stream (uncompressed or compressed in WMV) ?
Maybe this second issue is related : since I couldn't make it work I decided to go back to the display filtergraph and tried to add a samplegrabber between network source and video renderer (no more file writter nor AVI decomp)
this time it connected but the frame captured is empty 0K ?!
What's wrong again ?
Any idea ? I'm completly stuck!


Marc Cymontkowski
November 11, 2004, 08:31:02
Hi Yannik,

If you want to write to a file, you need to add the AVI Multiplexer before the file writer. If you additionally want to compress the video, the compressor must be located before the Mux.

Network Source -> Compressor -> AVI Mux -> File Writer

Regarding the sample grabber, i have no idea what is wrong. Did you try MV Image Grabber or MV Buffer Access?

Best Regards,

Marc Cymontkowski

November 11, 2004, 11:16:45
actually I don't want to compress on the client side but on the server side
hereby my two filtergraph :
webcam -> microsoft windows media video 9 -> MV Network Renderer
MV Network Source -> smart tee -> WM Video Decoder DMO -> samplegrabber ->AVI Decompressor -> Video Renderer
-> filewriter
but when I try to connect the file writer ( DS File Writer or MV DPS File Renderer) it fails
without the file writer I'm able to run the graph and see the live video on the client side !
any idea ?