View Full Version : Upgrade 1.41->2.0 again

October 13, 2004, 08:06:55
Hello Stefan,

Similarly as one of the previous contributors to this discussion, we aso bought two cameras (DFK31F03, december 2003, Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Rep.) and obtained 1.41 version of your software with them. Everything works well now (after your recent help). The only problem that remains is the following one: I would like to use your library in a program that uses Qt. It more or less works. Only Qt reports problems when the program starts "could not initialise OLE err 80010106" (thread mode cannot be reset after it was set). I have discovered that your new release solves the problem and everything runs perfectly. However, I have it only in its trial version. Could we obtain the new version too, or perhaps a service pack to the old one?

Thank you for the answer.

Best regards, eduard

Eduard Sojka
Department of Computer Science
Technical University Ostrava

Stefan Geissler
October 13, 2004, 14:07:53
Hello Eduard,

i have send the download of IC Imaging Contrlol 2.0 standard to you via email.