View Full Version : BSOD with SP2

September 20, 2004, 12:03:43

since installing SP2 on my XP-machine I get often a BSOD:

... in TisTeliDCam31045.sys

What can I do?

Thanks - Robert

Stefan Geissler
September 20, 2004, 13:58:42
Hello Robert,

First of all, you must delete the current installed driver. Start your computer without the camera connected to the computer. Change into the Windows/System32/driver directory. Delete all files that match to TIS*.SYS. Then download the new driver version from http://www.1394imaging.com/software. Connect your camera and install the driver by calling the drvInstaller.exe unzipped from the downloaded driver zip file.

September 20, 2004, 15:07:10
Thanks - now it seems to work without problems.