View Full Version : ActiveX Can't Create Control

September 8, 2004, 16:54:52
I occassionally run into the message: "Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object" There is one computer (a Sony) that I could never get past this error. I have tried many things, most of the time I can get it fixed, but I'm never sure what I did.

Conditions of latest incident:
Code generated with Visual Basic 6 sp6, WindowsXP pro SP2, Sonydriver, ICImagingControl 1.4

Stefan Geissler
September 9, 2004, 13:46:46

I have searched the MSDN for this error message and found only some common hints. There is mentioned, that ther may be a problem with DCOM is. I suggest to search the MSDN at:
with exactly this error message.

This error message may also be occured by another ActiveX Control like the Common Dialog Control (Comdlg32.ocx) .