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September 2, 2004, 21:03:36
Hi I use a pentium 4 2.8GHz with 512Mo of RAM under win XP
I need to be able to capture analogic video from all possible source so I bought this little thing everybody is crying about... quality is awfull, frames are droped... fine I don't quite care, I don't have enough money to complain.

The problem is that videostudio crashes when the instant vcd source is selected.. And actually I wonder if it's not a problem related to my logitec webcam driver. Because actually I had to select this driver to be able to see a picture, then in the source options, I selected the instant vcd driver... but it doesnt apear in the device list (virtual dub capture menu) (I have only logitec webcam and wdm windows capture)

I wonder if I installed properly the instant vcd driver. (actually I installed the driver while the device was plugged, which the manual doesnt encourage)
I also wonder if I should try to remove the logitec driver in order to check if that works better.

The crash I'm talking about is such: The program slows down dramaticaly, and becomes unable to draw its own interface. Then the led on the USB device turns on... then I have to wait like 2 minutes to get only a green screen. If I try to close the program, it doesnt work, and I have to terminate it with the task manager.

I tryed to capture with virtual dub, and the reactions are a little less pathetic, but I still only get this green screen, and problems of interface drawing.

I have not another choice than finding out how to get this thing to work, so I guess I'm gonna end up with some kind of solution... but I am frankly disapointed to encounter such unexpected problems with a computer that works fine for all other purpose.

I also wonder why there are two composite inputs listed in the source preferences while the device shows only one composite plug...
any idea welcome!

September 2, 2004, 21:31:39
Ok I guess stating the problem often leads to solutions.
Actually I unblocked the stream by setting the lowest format resolution in virtual dub. I think videostudio is definately not worth being installed, for virtual dub is far more stable and it gives great information when ever problems occur.

I had to choose the right PAL system in order to get the whole picture and colors, and then I started making the image bigger, and started to see frames being dropped, as expected... but the picture is nice to my eyes, and I don't mind using small res as long as what I want to show can be seen.

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see ya!