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August 28, 2004, 22:58:37

I am currently trying out your products and I have some questions before I move forward and purchase your components.

1. If I ever purchase one of your filters, when I finally deploy my app, what are the distributions requirements ? I see from your web page that you send license keys when some one purchases your filters. If I distribute my application, will I have to also distribute that license key ? Otherwise won't my users get all kinds of unregistered Dialog Boxes ?? How would I then prevents my users from using the filter that I purchase from you in their own application ??

2. The same goes for the ActiveX controls that you sell, you also mention on your website that you send license keys for your ActiveX controls, I guess this would get rid of the 'Unregistered' Dialog boxes that pop up once in a while. BUt that would only apply to my development machine. How will I prevent those 'unregistered' messages from being displayed on my users machines ... I cannot seem to understand how does one license your controls and then creates a commercial app with them without your company name appearing everywhere ...

Please clarify ...

Thank you!

Marc Cymontkowski
August 29, 2004, 21:15:06

1. You have to register the license file that we'll send you by email on the target machine, you can do that by using RegEdit.exe. You do not need to leave the license file on the target machine, just register the license to the registry and delete it.

You can't really prevent users from using DirectShow filters in their own applications. The thing about DirectShow filters is that they are standard components which can be used by every coder.

Anyway it would be illegal if they would use it for projects etc. A lot of applications from LEAD, Pinnacle, etc. install their DirectShow filters and you could theoretically use them for your own projects if you knew the API.

After all, let me say that the registration key will include your name and address and that info is displayed on the filters property page. If anyone would use it for his own purposes, he would have your license information in his app and that would easily cause him big trouble.

You will get a license.reg file wich is merged to the registry by double click or using RegEdit.exe. During the installation of your software, you would register that license on the target machine.

2. Same as 1.

I hope i made it clear. If not, please do not hesitate to ask further questions here or directly by sending an eMail to sales@montivision.com.

Best Regards,

Marc Cymontkowski