View Full Version : Only getting 30Hz on field-based capture with DFG/1394-1

Andrew Hobgood
August 19, 2004, 20:34:28
I have a DFG/1394-1 connected to a Windows XP machine using a callback to process buffer data.

I'm using a 640x240 format with RGB24 color space. I explicitly call setFrameRate() on the grabber to set a 16ms frame time, and subsequent calls to getFrameRate() claim 16ms.

getCurrentActualFrameRate() returns "0", but getLastError() returns "No Error". My callback, according to an independent timer, is only getting called at approximately 30Hz, not the 60Hz that I'm trying to reach.

getAvailableFramerates() returns 16 and 17 as valid options.

How do I get 60Hz field-based NTSC out of the DFG/1394-1?