View Full Version : LabView Hang-Up Using FireWire

Michael Haught
August 10, 2004, 22:08:44
I am running 4, soon to be 5, DMK 21F04 cameras in a LabView program. The IC Capture extension vi's have been very helpful. I am, however, experiencing what I was told is a memory leak.

In my Grab & Analyze sequence structure, I am using the IC_Grab_IMAQ.vi to acquire my image from the IC ActiveX stream. I am using IMAQ_Dispose to dump the image in the sequence's last frame. After running for about two hours, my program locks up. I have identified the problem as a system resource overload. Using the task manager displayed the CPU and Memory values for this program, I have seen the program begin with a CPU of 24% and memory of 33,000k. These values grew to CPU of 72% and Memory of 256,000K of memory after about two hours. The program locked up soon there after.

As I debugged my program, I ran the program with 4 live feeds operating at 30 frames per second and all of the Grab & Analyze loops disabled. As I activated just the Grab and Dispose VI's on one of the sequence loops, I found that the Memory was growing by 2 to 4 kBytes every second. No noticable increase in Memory growth was noted when the Analyze portion of the loop was activated.

I have concluded that I am either not disposing of the images properly, there is a Memory leak in the IC_Grab_IMAQ.vi, or I am operating it inproperly.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Michael Haught

Johannes Vogel
August 11, 2004, 12:04:02

Please give us a little time to invetigate this problem.