View Full Version : How to set and get DCAM properties

August 6, 2004, 15:32:05
I want to make DFM 21F04 Camera work with my current application which was developed under VC++6.0 and DirectX9.0, no IC involved. Everything works fine except I cannot access a few camera properties such as white balance red and blue channels, and image flipping etc. I understood those properties are not standard camera or video properties defined in DirectX, but part of DCAM protocol. I also noticed that there are some WINAPI functions (SetDevProperty(), GetDevProperty() etc.) defined in dcamprop.h. In order to use those WINAPI I need to get *pDevName. How do I get video device name and how do I set (or get) those DCAM properties without using IC? The reason I don't want to use IC is I'd like to keep my code change minimum at this moment. Please help!

Johannes Vogel
August 9, 2004, 11:26:53

Please send your request to support@imagingcontrol.com