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Marc Cymontkowski
August 6, 2004, 11:50:16
Version 2.2 of our MontiVision Development Kit available! Please visit the product page (http://www.montivision.com/products) for further Details.

MontiVision Workbench:
New Export Filter Graph Function creates C/C++, VB 6/.NET, C# and Delphi files from filter configurations (MVP). No more need for MVP files when distributing your MontiVision based applications.

New modules:
New MV Advanced Optical Flow Filter evaluates motion direction, speed and position
New MV Motion Direction Filter evaluates motion direction using motion templates
New MV Topography Filter creates a topography image
New MV Select Media Type Filter is a useful tool to determine which media type should be used for a filter connection
New MV I/O Audio Trigger Filter provides the functionality to trigger MontiVision filters when the sound level exceeds a threshold
New MV Block Recording Filter provides ring buffer functionality. On a trigger event it writes out its current video buffer. Using this filter it is possible to capture events that happened before the trigger occurred (Video Surveillance).
New MV IO RS232 Trigger Source Filter triggers MontiVision filters when receiving defined events from the serial COM port
New MV Delay Filter delays a video stream by a defined number of frames. This is useful if you want to compare the current video with a delayed video.
New MV De-Multiplexer Filter de-multiplexes the input video to its freely definable number of output pins. It may be used to de-multiplex video sequences delivered by special multi input surveillance systems.
MV Blob Counter Filter provides new interface for detailed blob analysis. Various information may be obtained for every detected blob, e.g position, area, bounding rectangle etc.
MV Merge Frames Filter merges videos which have different resolutions

MontiVision Filter SDK
MV Filter SDK filter contains now property pages to setup the filter function. Create custom DirectShow filters including a property page for convenient parameter modification.

MontiVision Smart Control
New IMVSCVideoWindow2 interface to set the video window to an external application
New IMVSCExtDeviceControl interface to control external video devices as for example DV cameras
New IMVSCFilterGraph2 interface provides to load a filter configuration (MVP) from a string
New Samples
Many more internal improvements, corrections and optimizations!

Additional MontiVision Controls
New MV Extended Video Device Control encapsulates vendor specific camera functionality. Currently supported: Lumenera cameras
New MV Audio Input Combo Box enumerates available video source devices
New MV Trigger Button encapsulates the MV Bool Source Filter for triggering
Extended MV Video Source Combo Box supports to change the selected hardware programmatically

Download Version 2.2 here: http://www.montivision.com/support/download/mvdevkit/

Best Regards,

Marc Cymontkowski