View Full Version : High CPU load using DFG/SV1 when zooming in

August 5, 2004, 16:46:35
I tried the Scroll and Zoom Sample with the DFG/SV1 frame grabber. The CPU load is about 30% at a zoom level of 100%, but at a zoom level of 110% the CPU load became about 90%!
I tried to slow down the aquisition by setting the frame rate, but the getAvailableFrameRates memberfunction of the Grabber class returns 0.

Is there a way to decrease the CPU load?

Johannes Vogel
August 6, 2004, 15:28:27

You can try turn the display off and blit the buffers in the ring buffer yourself. Doing so, your code may decide to skip buffers which will reduce the CPU load.