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July 8, 2004, 13:01:18
I have a teli CS8550DiF? How can I change the camera from rising/falling edge detection?

Bye and thanks!

July 8, 2004, 14:40:51
Okay, I found the problem. I found a problem ;-)

I want to turn on the external trigger.

This works only if the camera is running at 62fps. When the camera is free-running with something other then 62fps switching to external trigger does not work. The camera stops responding.

When the camera is running at 62fps and I switch to external trigger everything is okay.

What's the problem?

Stefan Geissler
July 8, 2004, 15:56:10

The problem is in the firmware of the camera: The trigger can only be used at 62 Hz frame rate. There is no way to change this.

July 9, 2004, 10:02:41
And why is this not documented?

So every time I change to external trigger I have to go to 62fps first.

Okay, once I know that it is no problem, thanks for your help!

Schönes Wochenende!

July 12, 2004, 14:14:44
Originally posted by Stefan Geissler

The problem is in the firmware of the camera: The trigger can only be used at 62 Hz frame rate. There is no way to change this.

Up to which frequecy can the camera triggered? I my tests only values up to 20fps were possible.

Stefan Geissler
July 12, 2004, 15:32:45

The trigger rate depends on the exposure time too. We tested it with up to 40 fps trigger frequency.
So make a exopure small as possible and trigger again.

For the timing behaviour of the camera see in the manual on page 8 "Random trigger shutter mode"

July 14, 2004, 12:06:57
Can the exposure time changed with
Grabber::bool setProperty( DShowLib::Grabber::CameraControl_Exposure CameraPropType, long val );

Is val in ms then?

Stefan Geissler
July 14, 2004, 14:03:46
No, the value is in register values of the camera. On page 12 of the users manual of the camera you can see the 9 steps:
1/2000 sec
1/8000 sec
1/4000 sec
1/2000 sec
1/1000 sec
1/500 sec
1/200 sec
1/60 sec

To get the range of exposure use the getPropertyRange() method. If you want to use physical values, please have a look to the DCam sample of IC Imaging Control.

July 15, 2004, 13:56:36

void CMainFrame::EnumAvaibleExposureTimes()
if(!m_Grabber.isDevValid()) return;
if(!m_Grabber.isPropertyAvailableWithCurDev(Camera Control_Exposure)) return;

long lExposure, lIsExp, lIsIris;
lExposure=m_Grabber.getProperty(CameraControl_Expo sure);
GetPhysicalUnits(m_Grabber.getDev().c_str(),&lIsExp, &lIsIris);
printf("%d\t%d\t%d", lExposure, lIsExp, lIsIris); //output: 0 4 4

tsPropertyRange exp=m_Grabber.getPropertyRange(CameraControl_Expos ure);
m_Grabber.setProperty(CameraControl_Exposure, (long)(exp.max-1)); //failure

In the last line I get this failure:


Stefan Geissler
July 15, 2004, 16:07:15

Please send a request to support@imagingcontrol.com, so the driver programmer can help your directly.