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July 5, 2004, 13:51:49

We are currently using ICImagingControl professional version 1.4 and have been feeding it with various capture devices.

We used the Video-to-firewire Converter Model DFG/1394-1e and initially found it to be satisfactory, until we started trying to capure the video image.

Although we tried using different codecs (DivX, Mpeg4, Windows movie etc) the real-time video picture ceases to be smooth and can be seen to 'jump'

At first we simply put this down to processing speed and tried various machines 2.4, 2.8 and finally 3.0 processors. The latter machine having 1GB memory and twin 160GB SATA hard drives, so it should handle it easily. Although the image has become smoother, there is still a noticable slowdown when capturing.

I was about to simply put it down to one of those things when I saw a Hauppage WinTV PVR device capturing video without hazzle - using an usb 1 cable. Since Firewire is masses faster than USB, I began to wonder.

We tried this device on my machine and although the 'Video-to-firewire Converter' worked fine, the WinTV PVY USB fails to be listed under device etc

So we tried a Adaptec AVC-11000 USB Video Capture device, this it found and gives us a colour picture, but it is of poor quality

So we tried a Belkin F5U228 USB Video Capture device, this gives a fantastic picture - its just black and white

However I have seen the Hauppage WinTV Go card mentioned on the forums. Unfortunatly, the software is required to work on laptops so PCI cards are out of the question.

Therefore, I was wondering if you can offer any ideas as to why different devices have different parameters available (I'm assuming its software driver related) and if you now of any other USB devices that will work ok

We have used a logitech web cam in the past, this works with no problem, but as the cameras used produce a composite video signal, they are no use

Any advice and suggestions would be greatfully received

Steve Hobson

Johannes Vogel
July 5, 2004, 16:59:51

First of all, we have to distinguish between different types of devices:

1) The DFG/1394-1e sends UNCOMPRESSED video at full frame rate to the PC.
2) USB 1 converters use a hardware compressor in the converter and transfer COMPRESSED video to the PC. Therefore, a capture application does not have to compress the video data anymore. and needs far less processor speed.

Inorder to be able to help you with AVI recording, we need to know the following:

1) processor type and speed
2) exact codec type (i.e. DivX 5.0)
3) video format selected on the DFG/1394-1e
4) Are you trying to record audio simultaneously?

July 6, 2004, 10:15:43
Hi Johannes

Many thanks for your assistance...

We have tried various processors (initially Intel Pentium M 1.6GHz, lately an Intel P4 3.0GHz)

Codecs tried Microsoft Video 1, Microsoft RLE and DivX 5.01

Video format, various tried, but we prefer RGB24 (768x576) @ 25 frames

We aren't trying to record audio, just video with overlaid graphics (1 circle, 1 line & some text)

Also, I have been asked by or 'techi guy' - How many milliseconds does it take to transfer each frame from capture device to pc?

Hope this helps...

Many thanks


Johannes Vogel
July 6, 2004, 13:42:26

Maybe I misunderstood your question in the first place. Are you experiencing frame drops in the AVI file or in the live image that is displayed while you record to the AVI file?

July 7, 2004, 09:17:37

We actually have 2 problems, one caused by the other

Firstly, a 'problem' with with the display of the live image while capturing (the captured avi is fine)

and because of this we have tried other usb devices (instead of the firewire little black box) as a means of obtaining a picture from a composite video camera

Sorry for not making this clearer

Also, we have now tried a ADS Technologies USB Instant VCD as a device source - this just gives us a black 640x480 picture


Johannes Vogel
July 8, 2004, 11:10:58
Since most converters do the compression themselfes in hardware, there is less CPU power needed to process video streams from such devices. Therefore the preview display (while recording) has less frame drops.

The problem with the ADS device may be caused by the driver.

July 13, 2004, 14:49:05
Many thanks for all your help.

Also, I have been asked to how we feed our software a video image from a 'recorded' avi file, rather than a 'live' video source!

Any suggestions


Stefan Geissler
July 14, 2004, 13:32:54
Hello Steve,

IC Imaging Control can only save AVI files. It can not load AVI files or image files.