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June 24, 2004, 18:02:11
Hi all of you

I'm testing the evaluation version before I'll purchase it. I need full control of camera properties in particular I need to adjust the shutter speed and the gain automatically from the application without using any sliders or external user help.

I'm using Creative USB webcam and when I try to use
"ICImagingControl1.GainRange" to read the gain range it halt with error "the called function is not available with current device"

For the shutter speed I couldn't find any property, is it the "Exposure" property?
The same error message received trying to read Exposure property

The application supplied with the webcam by Creative dose support shutter speed and gain.control by using sliders.

Any help will be appriciated very much


Stefan Geissler
June 25, 2004, 07:17:23
Hello Camelot,

If IC Imaging Control says, that the properties are not supported, then they are not exported DirectShow compliant by the WDM driver. In this case IC Imaging Control can not set these properties. I think, the application that is delivered with your camera uses an own internal interface to communicate with the camera.

Shutter and exposure are nearly the same. For DCam cameras contrast is used to control gain.

June 26, 2004, 17:07:15
Hi Stefan or anyone

Can you supply a list of standard USB webcam that are supported by the OCX with WDM drivers that support shutter speed and gain control?

I need such camera urgently



Stefan Geissler
June 28, 2004, 07:39:43
Hello Camelot,

We have no list of supported cameras of IC Imaging Control. We can guarantee support for all devices, that are produced on our own, or for that we have programmed a WDM driver. All other video capture devices depend on the manufacturer. Also there is a variation of USB cameras over the time, so the properties and drivers change too much.

You may ask the camera manufactures, whether their WDM driver allows to access exposure from third party software. I can not remember any USB web camera supporting exposure through IC Imaging Control.