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June 10, 2004, 08:44:22

I'am usin the IC Imaging Control Trial version under Win2000 with a USB2.0 video capture box (GRANDTEC AV USB2.0).

My problem is that i can't choose the "Input Channel" and the "Video Norm" because the listbox only contain "n/a" value.

Can you help me ?

Stefan Geissler
June 10, 2004, 14:16:10
Hello ,

If video norms are grayed out, then the driver does not export video norms through the standard DirectX interface. This might is a driver issue.

The input channels must also be provided by the WDM driver of your video capture device.

If there is an application that comes with your device and that provides input channels and video norms, then it uses a propretiary interface. Often theses interfaces are undocumented and the manufactorer of the device will not give a documentation or create a DirectShow compliant driver.