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June 8, 2004, 22:41:06
When using the VS.net libraries provided via email, I've been getting bizzare "user breakpoint " exceptions when calling functions like this sample code:

if( ! DShowLib::InitLibrary( "number here" ) )
throwException( "Unable to initialized DShow Library.\n");

DShowLib::Grabber * grabby = new DShowLib::Grabber();


The last line will throw an exception in vector.h's _Tidy() method. I've read a bit online and it seem to have to do with memory allocation, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong.

Stefan Geissler
June 9, 2004, 08:06:17
Hello Matt,

This is a normal behaviour of the Class Library, because it is not written for .NET. Please send a request to support@imagingcontrol.com so i can send matching DLLs to you.

June 9, 2004, 16:55:57
I am linking to TIS_UDSHL05_vc71.Lib and the output suggests the following DLLs are being used:
Loaded file : C:\WINDOWS\System32\TIS_DShowLib05_vc71.dll Version :
C:\WINDOWS\System32\TIS_UDSHL05_vc71.dll Version :

So it looks like it's using the correct dlls and libraries. Perhaps I have a project setting wrong? I'll try temprorarily removing all the old dlls and libraries to be sure.

June 9, 2004, 17:23:17
Nevermind, I fixed it. For some reason it works if I put the dlls in the release directory.