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June 3, 2004, 06:27:22
I downloaded the trial version of Imaging Contol and installed it - worked fine. I then followed through the tutorial example for using the C++ SDK - compiled it and got that working. However now when I run Imaging Control the program shuts down the whole computer - doesn't just crash the program - actually shuts the whole computer down - full reset. Any ideas? Its real annoying because I can't seem to fix it and each time I try to run the program again I have to wait for it to reboot :(

Any replies would be apreciated


Stefan Geissler
June 3, 2004, 08:11:10

To help you, i would like to know which programming language and version and which camera / video capture device do you use.

Normally an application should not be able to reboot a computer by an error. Only drivers can be able to do this.

June 4, 2004, 03:30:21
I'm using an Ikegami Colour Camera - ICD-835P. The capture card I'm using is a AverMedia card - Single Composite/S Video input with a Conexant chip. The drivers I'm using are AverMedia EZCapture drivers - my graphics card is a GeForce2.

The software environment I'm using Visual C++ 6.

I'm in my forth year at university and trying to implement a low cost image processing system, so changing any of the hardware is not really an option.

The c++ class library sample application still works but the main IC Imaging Control doesn't i.e. it shuts down the computer. This also happens with the visual basic application - which is really confusing i.e. I would have thought none of these programs would work if the driver etc was corrupted. The other wierd thing is that now I cant delete the driver using the driver manager either - this also causes the whole computer to shut down!(?) The only other software I have installed is DirectX9b - could this be the problem - should I be using a version of DirectX8?

The only other solution I see is a full reinstall of Windows however I'll probibly just run into the problem again so any further help to sorting out this problem would be a great help. Also do you have any drivers available that I might be able to use? I noticed that your software recognises the conexant chip so would these work?

Also do you have a pdf or someother material that I could download to get a full specification of the c++ api and its available functions?

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June 4, 2004, 03:37:10
I just tried to use the driver installer from the imaging source website but it just generated a windows error report(?) Is this because any of the hardware/software that I'm using? e.g. graphics card/old drivers/win xp etc

Stefan Geissler
June 4, 2004, 07:32:26
Hello James,

I found a similar case with the Avermedia EzCapture capture card. I suggested the customer to search for a new driver of this capture card and heard nothing new from this customer. So please search at Avermedia for a new driver and check again.
The ActiveX of IC Imaging Control retrieves all available properties of a device, when it is opened. I think one of these property queries causes the driver to reboot the computer. The C++ Classlibrary does not automatically retrieve all properties, video formats etc. from a device when it is opened (but the samples will do), therefore the driver is not "requested" to reboot the computer.

We have no driver for the Avermedia EzCapture capture card on our web site. Therefore the driver installer will not work.

A complete documentation of IC Imaging Control Classlibrary can be found, if you click the Start button, Programs, IC Imaging Control 1.41. You will find help files (User's Guides) for ActiveX and Class Library

June 18, 2004, 01:51:02
Thanks for that Stefan, I've been working to fix the problem over the last week - The way I got around the driver installation probelm was to take the card out and put it in another PCI slot - Windows seemed to delete the old drivers automatically and then I could reinstall them. However, this didn't fix the rebooting problem (even after reinstalling both IC Capture and IC Imaging Control). The only other thing I could think about that might be causing the problem then was DirectX9b SDK - I found a patch on the Microsoft sight for a problem with DirectX9 and accessing capture devices but that didn't help so I decided to do a full reinstall - this time however I installed DirectX8.1 SDK. It seems to be working fine i.e. I managed to compile a program which works and IC Capture also still works. I have noticed however that the two programs seem to share some sort of setup info - if I set the mode to PAL in IC Capture then my compiled program also accesses it using PAL mode even though I haven't specified what mode to use. What I'm thinking now is that if I access the card and change something using my compiled program then perhaps it will cause IC Capture to crash since something has changed since it last accessed the card(?) Any thoughts?

Also, I was wondering if you have available any image processing examples using IC Imaging Control e.g. pixel manipulation/binary thresholding etc, just so I can get a feel for how to do this sort of thing in C using your package - I've only ever done image processing using Matlab - this time I need a fast realtime application so I'm going to use C and hopefully your software package

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Johannes Vogel
June 18, 2004, 11:13:20

If the boot problem disappeared after a reinstalltion of Windows, you might have had an interrupt problem. We experienced driver cashes on Dell systems. The reason was a bad driver for the sound chip that messed up the interrupt context from time to time because it was not able to handle interrupt sharing properly.

The reason why your application opens the device in the same way you set it up with IC Capture is that the driver keeps his state.

There is no sample in C++ for image processing. But it is very easy to get access to the image data in a buffer. Just call getPtr and you get a byte pointer to the image data. The pixel organisation is dependent on the sink format.