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May 20, 2004, 01:47:18

I put an IC Imaging control on my form, and was able via VB.net to show a live feed from my webcam. It's pretty cool. Anyhow, I am having trouble getting the live feed to completely fill the image control. I.e. the control is 170x170, but the video feed only is about 160x150. Is there a way to tell the control to display the feed over the whole control?


May 20, 2004, 22:26:42
I do not know wether IC control able to "strech" immage but you can use a trick

put another (standard VB) image control on your form, set its "Stretch" property to TRUE and put captured immage into its "picture" property

To put the captured frame into image control you can use code like this:

Dim Buf As ImageBuffer
Set Buf = IC.ImageBuffers.Item(1)
Image1.Picture = Buf.Picture


Stefan Geissler
May 21, 2004, 09:55:57

See the Scroll and Zoom sampe to see how IC Imaging Control is able to resize the image. You can use following lines to fit your video image to the size of IC Imaging Control:

ICImagingControl1.LiveDisplayDefault = False
ICImagingControl1.LiveDisplayHeight = ICImagingControl1.Height
ICImagingControl1.LiveDisplayWidth = ICImagingControl1.Width