View Full Version : LabVIEW: altering framerate and duplicate liveimages

May 3, 2004, 10:15:43
Hi there,

1. Is it possible to alter the framerate of the livevideo in LabVIEW? If so, how?
2. I have one camera (DFK 2104F) connected to my PC. Now I want to display the livevideo in 2 Windows at the same time. Do I have to create 2 instances of the ICImagingControl with all the additional stuff (e.g. IC_GetDevices.vi, IC_SetVideoFormat.vi ...)?

Any help would be appreciated!



Stefan Geissler
May 4, 2004, 10:43:40
Hello Henning,

at 1:
Your can set the frame rate with the DeviceFrameRate property.

at 2:
There is no way to display the image tiwce. Opening a new IC Imaging Control would not help, because the video capture device is already occupied by the first IC Imaging Control.