View Full Version : high cpu load with usb 2.0

April 29, 2004, 10:24:37
my name is adi from Elbit sys.
i am grabbing 2 usb cameras to a laptop(1.4GHz) with usb 2.0 .
the cameras are 640x480 30 FPS monochrome.
grabbing and displaying 2 images at the same time uses 90% cpu,
which does not give any cpu time for image processing.
i read all the Forum masseges about high cpu load and tried all the advises
(screen pixel depth,memory format ...),with no help.
the usb 2.0 band width is much higher then needed at my application
so my guess is that the high load is due to the usb driver.

are there any advises you can give me??

thanks,adi charny.