View Full Version : question about pixel format

April 9, 2004, 08:14:05
I am using one sample ImageDataAcess that given from IC Imaging from stefan
and getting pixel direct memory acees.
Basically I am saving this *Byte that comes from capture card imagebuffer
So i have 200 images to save in memory in bytes for pixel acess like that

pPixel=malloc( Byte of pixel )

So basically i am allocating all pixel and then doing process on pixel But in 32 bit image data is so big and for 200 photos it will be more that 160 Mbs so system performance going slove.

So how can i do best way to resolve this problem ?

Any good sugestion ?


Johannes Vogel
April 13, 2004, 10:09:44

In general, you should do image buffer processing in the ImageAvailable event. By doing so, you are able to process buffers while images are aquired. If IC tries to copy image data to the buffer you are processing, you should increase the buffer count of the memory buffer collection.