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April 4, 2004, 10:08:16
dear sir/madam
i am working in picks medical systems ltd ,navi mumbai,india.we are a leading manufacture of x ray based m/c initially we require one card after successful completion we will be requiring 10-15 per month.We are deloping a project in which,we are developing capturing software in which we are capturing the image to our pc application through your card.we are taking image from b/w analog ccd camera having resolution of 752 x 582 .And this camera composite output is connected to card for it's digital conversion only.
I tried with mercury tv tuner card(SAA7130) and pinnacle(bt878)but couldnt get a proper result ie my image size in preview mode(in my application) is not varying after 352X288 pixel(after that size is varying but display is not coming only green screen is coming)in my application i am just calling the video format dialog box of driver)
through two line coding
call capDlgVideoFormat(hCapWnd) sdk function from maim form menu which is defined in vfw.bas
and the defination for this is only two line
Function capDlgVideoFormat(ByVal hCapWnd As Long) As Boolean
capDlgVideoFormat = SendMessageAsLong(hCapWnd, WM_CAP_DLG_VIDEOFORMAT, 0&, 0&) //set the size of capture window
End Function
with the normal web camera it is varying also in web camera the flipp facility is there.
..can you please suggest me the capture card for this purpose Which will support my desired pixel size and if possible will support flipping and rotating i am sending attachmnet file for my software in visual basic(only the formate menu to be changed for resolution if varying properly whatever resolution showing in dialog box then it will be ok) can you please test it..
I only strucked up due to this query only you please forward the solution for this,waiting for your positive urly response

best regards

Nadeem Shaikh
Picks Medical Systems ltd
Navi Mumbai
email: shaikhnad123@rediffmail.com

Johannes Vogel
April 5, 2004, 10:49:10

I suggest, you order a DFG/SV1 for evaluation. You should be able to get a full size live display. Please note that the DFG/SV1 cannot flip the image horizontal or vertical.