View Full Version : Two exposure ranges

Peter Bircher
March 10, 2004, 10:02:45
ICImagingControl 1.41, Delphi 6, Windows XP, DMK31F03


I have the following problem:
The range of the exposure property does sometimes change. Mostly I have the following range: 0...823. But sometimes the ICImagingControl needs values between -14 and 2 (1/16384s...2s).

Does anybody know why the range changes? Is there a way to set the range to fix values?

Thank you!

Stefan Geissler
March 11, 2004, 10:31:03

The range -14 to 1 containes physical values for exposure. It is to interpreted as 2^n seconds, where n equals the value -14 to 2. The other values represent the register values of exposure. With the DCamProp comes a function (SetPhysicalValues) that can be used to change between physical and register values. After a change has been performed, the DMK 31F03 must be disconnected and reconnected to apply the change.
Using physical values is the default setting.
Please see the DCam help: Start Button->Programs->IC Imaging Control 1.41->DCam->ActiveX DCam Programmer's Guide"