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March 8, 2004, 20:45:35
My problem may be irrelevant with your library but i will be grateful if anyone suggest a solution. I have two video capture cards (Fly Video LifeView) on my PC. When I test the cards on your demoapp one by one, i.e. only one of them is on the PC at a time, I can get video properly from both of them. However, when I put both cards on the PC, one of them doesn't work anymore; I only get a black screen or just a noisy screen. No program crash, or warning. I suspect from the driver of the card but I am not sure. What do you suggest? Thank you.

Best Regards,

Stefan Geissler
March 9, 2004, 07:09:39

You should try to use a small video format for both cards, because the PCI bandwidth could be to small for serving to cards with full size video. If this happens, you could see pieces of the video images, but horizontal lines disturb the images.
If there is no image, then there could be a problem with the driver of your card. May be the driver can not differ between to cards?