View Full Version : ActiveX in VC++ 6.0

February 7, 2004, 21:40:27
I prefer to use c++ language, although the VB is very easy to use. But it's very complicated to setup the classes in VC++. I just found I can add activex control in the VC++, but I didn't find any information on this website that we can use activex control in the VC++. So can I use the activex control in VC or not? And anyone can tell me where I can find more exaples of ic imaging control in C++ language, because just a few examples come with the ic software.
Thank you.

Stefan Geissler
February 9, 2004, 07:28:16

You can use the IC Imaging Control ActiveX in Visual C++, just by importing it in the resource editor. C++ 6.0 will create a wrapper class automatically. But if you use the ActiveX control in Visual C++, you make things more complicate than necessary. For example the access to the image data is slower and more complicate than using the class library.
Therefore there are no C++ samples using the ActiveX component of IC Imaging Control. But there are samples in the “samples/vc6” directory, that show how to use the Class library in VC++ 6.
Also it would be a great help to us, if you could tell us, what kind of samples you would like to see.