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January 22, 2004, 20:44:10

I'm using your software to capture bitmaps with a remote keypad, but I'm having a problem that occurs every now and then. The problem is: I press the button to capture on the keypad and the system doesn't respond (doesn't capture the image). If I wait for about 3-5 minutes the capture will finally happen real fast in a row (I have a sound that plays when an image is captured). It'll automatically initialize when this happens if I press ctrl-alt-del, but I don't want to have to do this when I capture an image, even if it is only ocassional. I am using Windows XP on an Intel processor so I don't think that this is the problem. Do you know any soultions?

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson
January 27, 2004, 06:35:21
Is this a problem with the VB version of the program and there is no solution as was alluded to in other messages concerning similar problems? Let me know if this is a glitch or if there are any methods of solving it or getting around it (or if it is going to be addressed in the next upgrade of the ICImagingControl software).

Stefan Geissler
January 27, 2004, 07:30:44

This problem is hard to identify, because i do not know anything about your source code.
I would need some more information:
What version of IC Imaging Control do you use? What camera or grabber do you use?
Do you call MemorySnapImage without StartLive() and Stoplive()?
You could also send your project as zipped file to support at imagingcontrol dot com, so i could have a look on it.

Chris Johnson
January 27, 2004, 20:14:49
I'm using ICImagingControl latest version 1.41
Firewire grabber DFG/1394-1
MemorySnapImage is only called after LiveStart has been called

Stefan Geissler
January 29, 2004, 08:20:57

Can you create a smal project, that reproduces the error and send it as zipped file to support at imagingcontrol dot com?
This project should not depend on your remote keyboard to make sure, that there is no problem with the keyboard in relation to IC Imaging Control.
Thank you.

Chris Johnson
January 29, 2004, 23:18:13
I'll try and get something together for you. I did notice, while trying to troubleshoot the problem, that the problem only occurs when the computer is first started and the program initializes. Afterwards you can close and open it all day long and it works. I'll see about sending a copy of some source to your support address.

Stefan Geissler
January 30, 2004, 08:22:16

If you use the converter DFG/1394-1 then the problem could be, that your application starts, tries to open the grabber and fails, but gives no error message. The DFG/1394-1 needs some time, until it has booted.
This could explain, why a atartup of PC and your application this error occurs. This also explains, why you did a reset and the application works, because the grabber has power and does not reboot.