View Full Version : stereo use of DFG/SV1

January 11, 2004, 18:16:21
Very much impressed by the trial IC Imaging Control (VB6) I am using.

My pet project is to build a stereo observation system using two video cameras, each projecting its own image on the screen which a special headset presents to the eyes.

My first question is whether the recommended DFG/SV1 board can present both inputs simultaneously (multitasked), or whether it is just a switch?

If it can then would the quality of the pictures be good, or should I go the firewire route? What would you recommend?

Thanks for your assistance


Johannes Vogel
January 12, 2004, 09:33:46

The DFG/SV1 can handle one input at the same time. Therefore, you will have to use two cards for a stereo system. The problem here is the following: Because of bandwidth problems, you cannot operate two of these grabbers simultaneously if you want to disigitize the video in 640x480x24bit. Two monochrome streams or two 16bit color streams cause no problems.

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