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December 11, 2003, 03:20:43
When I run ICMotionDetection.exe I get the message box 'Run-time error 438 - object doesn't support this property or method'

I've downloaded IC 1.41 and DirectX 9.0b just to be sure. Also, during the IC Imaging Control Runtime Setup (from the .zip download) I get a message about an older ICimagingcontrol.ocx, but that the registration has been changed to the newer ActiveX version.

To check, I loaded the program on a different computer that doesn't have firewire and it ran normally (obviously with no detected cameras) without any runtime errors.

What can I look for on my original computer to get to to work?


Stefan Geissler
December 11, 2003, 08:11:15

can you execute the Motion Detection sample in the Visual Basic 6 environment to debug where the error occurs? This would be a greate help.
Thank you.

January 5, 2004, 06:56:38
Hi again
Firstly, I know very little VB, but ok with C++.

Tried to run in VB 6.0
Stops at frmMain.frm in Private Sub Form_Load() with a compile error: variable not defined. 'ICImagingControl1' is highlighted. A search on the tag across the project and it looks like it isn't defined (can't tell for sure).
Does this mean a missing library file or dll? This problem seems additional to the original run-time problem.

Also, a frmMain.log file in \source directory contains:
Line 32: Property OleObjectBlob in ICImagingControl1 could not be set.
Line 32: Cannot load control ICImagingControl1; license not found.

Not sure which is line 32. I have a licence for coding with C++, tried looking for a VB equivalent of 'DShowLib::InitLibrary(...)' but nothing obvious.

Stefan Geissler
January 5, 2004, 07:17:33

Visual Basic uses the IC Imaging Control ActiveX. It encapsulates the class library functions. Therefore no DShowLib::InitLibrary() function is used.
Please change to your previous IC Imaging Control installation path (normally it is “\Program Files\The Imaging Source Europe GmbH\IC Imaging Control 1.41\bin”) and execute “regsvr32 ICImagingControl.ocx” in the command line window (cmd). Then restart Visual Basic and try the sample again.
Please let me know your results.
A C++ motion detection sample is not available yet.

January 6, 2004, 07:16:26
Hi Stefan

Ok - tried to register ICImagingControl.ocx, came back with 'LoadLibrary("icimagingcontrol.ocx") failed - The specified procedure could not be found'
However, successfully registered the three .ax files as a test of the regsvr32 app

To check, successfully unregistered and re-registered ICImagingControl.ocx in dir \IC Imaging Control 1.4\bin

Further check, used VB sample 'Scroll and Zoom' in dir \IC Imaging Control 1.41\samples. It dropped out with the runtime error 438, as per the original problem. This happened when clicked on 'Device' pushbutton in main window. Going to debug showed 'Set DeviceCollection = ImagingControl.Devices' in frmDeviceSettings.frm highlighted.

Under Project|Components|Controls it looks like ICImagingControl is set to vers 1.4 and trying to select vers 1.41 brings up an error message that ICImagingControl.ocx was not registerable as an ActiveX component

It all seems to point to ICImagingControl.ocx vers 1.41 not being registered, but the regsvr32 cannot register it. A further test was to download vers 1.41 on another computer and try to register ICImagingControl.ocx - it failed as above.

Is there a problem loading a trial version (1.41) after a retail version (1.4)?


Stefan Geissler
January 6, 2004, 08:08:48

The runtime error 438 means, that “the object does not support this method”. This means, that there is an error executing a method. The reason in this problem could be a mismatch, that has been occurred at the runtime installation of IC Imaging Control 1.41. The runtime version of IC Imaging Control 1.41 was necessary, because the 1.4 has a problem at AVICaptureStop method.
You should have received a free update message for version 1.41.

Please uninstall the IC Motion Detection sample. The uninstall process should also uninstall the IC Imaging Control 1.41 runtime files and registers the previous version of IC Imaging Control. The Visual Basic Scroll and Zoom sample should now run without problems.

Please send an email to support at imagingcontrol dot com, so we can perform the free update to IC Imaging Control 1.41.

January 19, 2004, 05:06:15
Hi again Stefan
I have only got back to this late last week. Unfortunately the problem still occurs exactly as my post on 6 Jan, even with the retail version of 1.41.
Interestingly, version 1.4 VB samples fail with runtime 438 as well. I don't think I tested them before.

I removed all versions back to 1.1 and then loaded only 1.41. I have only loaded the retail version (no motion detect software) and tested Scroll and Zoom in the VB and VC samples. VC works, VB fails with runtime 438. ICImagingControl.ocx also fails to register using regsvr32 (as before). ICImagingControl.ocx is version

Finally, following the instructions in 'Create a Video Capture Devices Combobox' in the online user manuals for VB also causes the same runtime 438.

Can the camera be hardcoded into the software to bypass this problem?


Stefan Geissler
January 19, 2004, 09:47:12

The update of version 1.1 to 1.3 or 1.4 needs to uninstall version 1.1 completely. If it is not deleted, an error with the type library occurs. May be, this is the reaon for your problem. It does affect only the OCX, not the class library.