View Full Version : CallCodecDialog does not work

November 17, 2003, 08:01:17

i have a problem showing the Codec Dialog. While initializing the application i'm creating a FilterInfoObject with the choosen Codec ( from Property ).

When i want to call the codec dialog with FilterInfoDialog->callDialog( NULL ),
i got true for the isValid() case, but false for the hasDialog() flag.

We are using the DivX 5.0 Codec by default, which should work.

I'm not sure, what to do with the *.tca files ?
Could you describe them a little bit more ?

( I tried to copy them to my binPath without success, the same with copying them to the folder where the application starts ).

The FilterInfoObject is global; could this cause my problems ?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards


Stefan Geissler
November 17, 2003, 08:33:32

The FilterInfoObject is able to find the codec adapters if they are saved in the application's directory. The codec adapters are the *.tca files.

Could you send the code, that loads the codec and calls the dialog ( best as a zipped VC++ 6.0 project) to support@imagingcontrol.com?