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November 7, 2003, 08:00:59
I bought a firewire camera (DFK21F04) from IMAGINGSOURCE, it came with IC Imaging Standard v1.41. I installed the software on my laptop PC (OS: Windows XP Professional, DirectX 9 SDK, Visual C++6 with service pack 5). Everything works fine with the executable example programs that came with the package (such as Demeapp). I see the device listed in the program as "1394 Desktop Video Camera" and I can also view live images. But when I compiled the example VC6 projects (such as demoapp or SimpleProperty) and run it -- no video device is found. When I run debugger, I see pVidCapDevList->empty()==TRUE ( I inserted the serial number, the InitLibrary works fine). I then follow the instructions to generate the FirstStep project and run it. It also gives me a message -- "There is no video capture device is available". Please help me. What could be wrong? Thanks!

Stefan Geissler
November 7, 2003, 13:39:26
You did not install the driver for the DFK 21F04. Windows XP uses a standard driver, if a DCAM camera like the DFK 21F04 is connected to the computer. Therefore IC Imaging Control Standard can not recognize this camera, but the precompiled demo applications can. Please insert the CD ROM that is provided with your DFK 21F40 and wait for the setup program (or start setup.exe on the CD ROM). You will see on the right side of the setup program window a photo of the DFK series camera. If you click on it, the DFK 21F04 driver installation is performed. After the driver has been installed, your self compiled application recognizes your camera.