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Ole Jakobsen
October 9, 2003, 11:02:35

If I setup ICImagingControl in the following way:

.LiveDisplay = False
.LiveCaptureContinuous = False
.LiveCapturePause = True

In the program I call the following commands once every second to display a "live" image preview:

.MemorySnapImage ' Captures image to buffer
.Display ' Displays current buffer

My question for you is:
Does the .DeviceFrameRate have any influence on, how fast .MemorySnapImage is to perform?

Ole Jakobsen

Stefan Geissler
October 10, 2003, 08:28:28

The frame rate has an influence to the MemorySnapImage , if the live video stream runs continuously. If LiveCapturePause is set to true, no frames are delivered and MemorySnapImage should return after time out occurs without a snapped image.
I do not think, that in your configuration the frame rate has a big influence, but i am not really sure, because the slowest frame rate, that i can test is 3,5 frames per second. So the frames are coming in your 1 second intervall anyway. If you would use more than one camera on one FireWire bus, i would use the slowest available frame rate to save FireWire bandwidth and CPU load.