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September 25, 2003, 10:21:47

I have tried to use the MV Image Grabber in the workbench to get output as frames with the file type as JPG but failed. Is this is the filter that I shall use?
Can I incorporate the filter into a VB application then?


Marc Cymontkowski
September 26, 2003, 07:07:23

Yes, it is exactly the right filter for you if you need to capture specific frames of the video. If you want to capture all frames of a video stream, you should use the MV Image Renderer.

In the current version of the MontiVision Development Kit there is a problem with the RGB555 and RGB565 format capture when using JPG or PNG. Please contact support@montivision.com to get an updated version of the filter.

You can incorporate the filter in VB, please take a look at our sample applications on how to control our filters from within VB.


Marc Cymontkowski