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September 17, 2003, 03:17:20

I am testing the snap time of my camera: DFW-SX900 with the use of the sample program MembufferCollection. It captures 24-bit color image.

I found that the snap time for 5 photos is about 1.6 sec and 100 photos is about 160 sec.

( I only count the time when the pliot light of the camera is orange, and does not include the time for allocating memory)

I expect the time increases with number of photos linearly.

However the experiment result is different.

I wonder if I did something wrong or the camera is abnormal

Thank you

Stefan Geissler
September 18, 2003, 12:53:38

You should remark, that starting and stopping the camera needs some time. How did you insert the timing into the source code, to get exact times?