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September 16, 2003, 10:19:57
I have an industral vision application developped in Visual Basic and running with an analog monochtome camera and a Matrox Meteor II (using MIL-Lite, Active MIL).
For the new releases, I would like to ported this application in the digital world using a FireWire camera.
My specifications are the following:
- camera 1/3 at least 768*512 pixels
- interface to replace the Active MIL, to grab an image and to access to the pixel data into the memory. I would like to keep the all code in Visual Basic. (ActiveX)
- The hosted PC have sometimes a Firewire port and another they do not have the Firewire port
There are mainly three modes:
- live black-and-white image on the monitor (25 images/sec. full size)
- live black-and-white image on the monitor (25 images/sec. full size) with a color overlay (text + line)
- grab an image and then run my image analysis software

Could you advice for the choice of the hardware and the software (API)

Stefan Geissler
September 18, 2003, 14:36:37
Unfortunately there are no FireWire cameras with 768 horizontal pixels.
You have to choose between 640x480 and 1024x768.

Our SDK IC Imaging Control does exactly what you want. In comparison to
Active Mil Lite it is very easy to do what you want. Please check out the
capabilities of IC Imaging by downloading the free trial version using
the following link: