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Daniel Sibley
September 10, 2003, 16:38:09
I am a new user to Montevision and would like to test the Blobfinder filter on the workbench. It appears that the filter characteristics are based on descriptive geometric characteristics like angle, perimeter, etc. Is there a way for this filter to use a comparison image to detect a presence within a larger image (such as with an image cross-corrolation) ? If so, how would that be done ?

Marc Cymontkowski
September 14, 2003, 10:56:54
Hi Daniel,

The filter locates an object (white on black background) inside the image, retrieves it's contour and calculates several contour moments from it. Characteristics like angle, perimeter, etc are calculated from the contour points and the moments.

You can use this filter to find a desired object inside the image by adapting the contour filter to detect only specific contours. You can also use it to get characteristics of a found object.

There are several objects inside the image and you would like to detect only the round object.

You can use the blob counter for counting all objects with desired characteristics, e.g. round objects.

Best regards

Marc Cymontkowski