View Full Version : A 10 bit video stream

August 28, 2003, 22:27:48
I'm looking at using the Cohu 7700-3000 camera (1004 x 1004 pixels, 10-bit monochrome, DCAM 1.30 compliant) in an application. At 15 fps, the camera spec says it will transmit 10 bits of data. IS the class library usable for this camera? What color format should I use and will it preserve the 10-bit data?


Stefan Geissler
August 29, 2003, 13:07:23

A 10 bit video format is not a DirectShow native format. Therefore, it is possible, that no filters can be found to convert the 10 bit video format to another video format like RGB 555, RGB 565, RGB 24 or RGB32. IC Imaging Control would display the error message “failed to connect the pins” or “no intervening filter found”.
If the WDM driver of the camera exports video formats that can be processed by Direct Show, then you can use IC Imaging Control with this camera.