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August 22, 2003, 11:21:55
Development PC :

Sony IEEE1394 DFW V500 - Driver 5.0.3000.15

Windows 2000 SP2
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Imaging Control 1.3 SDK + Sony Add On
DirectX 8.1 SDK Retail runtime install
Project set to release
Yuvxfm.dll YUVRGB Convertor Lead Technologies Inc

Client PC :

Sony IEEE1394 DFW V500 - Driver 5.0.3000.15

Windows 2000 SP2
Direct X Redistributable 8.1

TIS_DshowLib04.dll (release)
TIS_UDSHL04.dll (release)
MSVCP60.dll 6.0.8972.0


We have developed an Imaging Control application using IC 1.3 SDK and are experiencing some difficulties with CPU loading in our distributed application.

The application uses a callback to resize a UYVY 640x480 image to 1024x768 full screen display. When the application is run on the development PC the CPU loading is around 55%, but when we run the application on a client PC the loading increases to 100% (both Pcs are the same hardware spec).

After some investigation the difference appears to point to whether the Yuvxfm.dll file has been installed and registered on the host PC. This file reports to be a YUV transform filter from LEAD Technologies Inc. When the Yuvxfm.dll is installed the filtergraph uses a YUV transform filter to convert the camera data from UYVY to RGB24, but when the Yuvxfm.dll is not installed the filtergraph uses an AVI decompressor and a colour space convertor in the filtergraph. This probably explains the higher CPU loading.

Your application note concerning ‘Distributing Your Applications’ does not detail this Yuvxfm.dll as a necessary requirement and indeed the application does still work without it, but at significantly poorer performance.

Question :

Is there any way to bundle this Yuvxfm.dll with the distributed application so that our development environment performance is achieved in the client PC.
(I have tried placing the Yuvxfm.dll in the local application folder and path but this does not work). It looks as though the Yuvxfm.dll has to be properly registered for it to be used by the distributed application.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance

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August 27, 2003, 08:12:01
Can somebody help please ?

Stefan Geissler
August 27, 2003, 10:25:40

The file "Yuvxfm.dll" must be registered by calling "regsvr32
Yuvxfm.dll" by your applications setup. If this has been done, DirectShow
can use this filter.

IC Imaging Control 1.4 uses a rewritten YUV Transform filter (YUVtrans.ax)
that has to be registered in the same way.