View Full Version : Only one Device available under "Devices"

August 19, 2003, 16:55:07
I `m using the "IC Imaging Control 1.41 " SDK (activex) and want do know why i can only use the driver for the DFG/SV1 device for grabbing. The "Devices" showes me only 1 Devices (the imaging source grabber card). If i run the demo progs, i can select other "WDM" driven Devices in the menu.
Is the SDK limited only for imaging source grabbers ?? Or what i m doing wrong

Thanks for any advice Mario

Stefan Geissler
August 20, 2003, 07:55:09

The free SDK, that comes with The Imaging Source video capture devices can only work with The Imaging Source devices. This is the standard version of IC Imaging Control. The professional Version of IC Imaging Control can work with all WDM driven video capture devices. The demo applications are built with the professional version of IC Imaging Control.
The professional version of IC Imaging Control is not for free.

August 20, 2003, 08:06:02
Thanks Stefan