View Full Version : Borland CBuilder & Basler IEEE-1394 cameras

August 13, 2003, 14:59:10
I just downloaded IC Imaging control evaluation software and succeeded to hook it up with Borland CBuilder6. So far everything seems to be working fine even CBuilder is not officially supported. Do you have any intention to start supporting Delphi/CBuilder?

I would like to use Basler 301f camera with IC software but they don't have any WDM compatible driver available. Any solution for that? Is someone selling proper drivers for Basler cameras?

April 2, 2004, 14:54:38
I'm just been asked to integrate IC Imaging control evaluation software into one of my CBuilder projects.

Consequently, if its not to cheeky to ask, any guidelines would be greatly appreciated


Johannes Vogel
April 2, 2004, 18:41:54

If you know CBuilder well, you will be able to use IC with it. We just do not provide samples and support for it.

I am afraid, I am not abel to help you solve the Basler problem. As far as I know, there is no WDM stream class driver available for the cameras.