View Full Version : cant select device in imaging control

August 12, 2003, 17:27:43
Using ImagingSource standard control 1.3 with service pack 1.
Using version of the WDM driver for the 1394.
DirectX 9.0 Runtime redistributable installed.

Current configuration works on an identical PC with the same software installed from the same sources.

Added component to the Visual Basic toolbar in the components window. Add control to new blank form. Try to select the 1394 device in the 'device' property and i am given a 'Error Loading DLL (Error 48)' from VB. I am not calling any functions anywhere, simply trying to set a property on the control itself.

Any help as to which part of my installation might be bad, or troubleshooting techniques to help me track down which DLL or OCX is not registered/corrupted would be greatly appreciated.

R. Henry

Stefan Geissler
August 14, 2003, 09:05:26

Please make sure, that the files "TIS_DShowLib04.dll" and "TIS_UDHSL05.DLL" are located in the same directory as ICImagingControl.OCX. Also the file MSVCP60.DLL must reside on your PC. This comes normally with the Visual Studio Setup.

Also, if you use functions, that comes from external DLLs and are declared in your forms in the way
"Declare Function test Lib "hallo.dll" _
(ByVal Device As String, ByVal Property As Long, ByVal Value As Long) As Long",
then make sure, that these DLLs reside in the currentin working directory of your application.