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August 11, 2003, 02:35:48
ImageAvalible only trigger once, it will not trigger again after I call ICImagingControl1.LiveCapturePause = True and back to ICImagingControl1.LiveCapturePause = False again, please advice...

Below is the sample of my coding....

During form load,
ICImagingControl1.LiveDisplay = True
ICImagingControl1.LiveCaptureContinuous = True

Private Sub ICImagingControl1_ImageAvailable(ByVal BufferIndex As Long)
ICImagingControl1.LiveCapturePause = True
'..... do data analysis here....
ICImagingControl1.LiveCapturePause = False
End Sub

Best Regards,
SM Lau

Stefan Geissler
August 12, 2003, 12:18:37
SM Lau,

you do not need to set ICImagingControl1.LiveCapturePause = True, resp. False, because the delivery of images is stopped until you leave the
ImageAvailable(ByVal BufferIndex As Long) sub.
The LiveCapturePause property will not have any effect to the CPU load in the ImageAvailable() sub.