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July 22, 2003, 01:04:00
Does anyone know the reason why you would use any of the following cameras versus a miniDV camcorder.


Overall, they seem to have much less features, however, the only reason l can think to use them is for Microscopy or Astronomy, any info would be helpfull.



Johannes Vogel
July 22, 2003, 18:56:05

The cameras presented on the page:
are called DCAM cameras. These cameras are designed for professional applications.
There are a lot of good reasons to use a DCAM camera instead of a miniDV or DV camcorder:

1) miniDV or DV camcorders are designed for the consumer market. They are not designed to run 24 hours a day in an industrial environment or a laboratory.

2) DV camcorders send out a compressed image stream. The compression is a DCT based lossy compression. The artefacts that are generated by the compression make it impossible to apply a variety of image processing functions on those images. On the other hand, DCAM cameras produce uncompressed image data that is needed as the bases for image processing.

3) All settings of a DCAM camera can be controlled using the FireWire cable. For most DV camcorders this is not possible.

4) DCAM cameras are progressive scan cameras. Most DV camcorders produce interlaced images. Moving obects appear blurry in interlaced images because the odd lines are exposed 15 ms after the even lines of an image.

5) There are DCAM cameras that expose the CCD chip according to a hardware trigger signal. DV camcorders are not able to do this.

6) Most DCAM cameras have a C or CS mount lens thread. This allows to choose a special lens for a specific application while most DV camcorders are equiped with a zoom lens that cannot be changed. Using a zoom lens is always a compromise.

7) There are DCAM cameras with very small housings (i.e. 50x50x50mm).

It is quite obvious that DCAM cameras are suitabel for industrial, professional applications. DV camcorders are desigend to run a few hours for shooting a film.

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