View Full Version : Analog Frame Grabber vs Fire Wire Camara

July 14, 2003, 09:52:13

For a medical application what is more recomendable a Fire wire camara like DFK21F04 or the DGF/LC1 with a analog camara like DFK4303?

I need good live video and to capture good (PAL or NTCS resolution) pictures and ocasionally capture video streams.

I've buyed the DGF 1394 converter and I'm not very happy with the results ( a lot of motion artifacts and color quality ), so my question is does fire wire really can replace analogue capture with the same quality??

For reference I also work with Matrox Frame Grabbers like Meteor II and Cronos ans I´m very happy with this results.

Any sugestion not mentioned above is welcome.

Thanks in advance,


Johannes Vogel
July 14, 2003, 16:38:53

The problems you describe may be caused by your PC hardware (slow processor, slow memory configuration, slow grapics controller). Please get in touch with the support department and discuss possible solutions (support@imagingcontrol.com).

A FireWire camera requires less system performance for video stream aquisition. In addition the cost is very intersting because a DxK 21F04 FireWire camera costs far less than an analog camera and a frame grabber.

Best regards
IC Support