View Full Version : Problem with VB6.0 deployment

July 4, 2003, 03:26:33

I've written an application using ImagingControl1.4 & the DFG/1394. I packaged it using the VB6 Package and Deployment Wizard(PDW). During the packaging process, the PDW correctly identified and automatically included all the Imaging control files that are supposed to be distributed as specified in the user manual of IC version 1.4. I verified this.

It was my understanding that after packaging it with PDW, when installing the application on a different computer, the ICImagingControl need not be installed separately.

Therefore I installed my package on the other computer (without installing ICImagingControl). However, I got the error message saying that the file "TIS_UDSHL05.dll" could not be found in the specified path during the installation. Also the value of the 'Path' environmental variable was also printed out.

When I executed my program, it crashed after displaying a message saying that ICImagingControl.ocx was not correctly registered.

I hope someone can provide me some suggestions on this error. It maybe a problem with the VB6 PDW because it has plenty! Has this type of problem happened to anyone else when trying to deploy applications??


Stefan Geissler
July 8, 2003, 11:44:52

The ICImagingControl.ocx needs the TIS_UDSHL05.DLL, TIS_DSHOWLIB.DLL and the MSVCP60.DLL. If one of these files are missing, the registration of the ocx will fail. I do not know any possibility, to tell the pdw the sequence, to install the files.